Possibly my favourite networking event so far, brilliantly run and a great way to really meet a lot of great people without the standard awkward hellos at other less structured events! Hope to see you at another one in the future.

Lisa Erlandson – Thrive with Lisa

“The Boardroom Network is a truly a platform for results”

I see the Boardroom meetings as long term results for anyone who attends. The Boardroom Network provides the key to meeting new people and initiating relationships with other professionals. There is a wealth of members with amazing things to offer – all the resources are there, it’s just up to us as members to take the time to develop the relationships which the Boardroom Network has put on offer by gathering us together!

The Boardroom Network is a truly a platform for results, bringing exciting professionals and business together and providing the opportunity for fantastic, mutually beneficial working relationships.​

Stewart Homer – Homer & Pardy

In my opinion your networking events are some of the best around, which is why I joined. I’ve done a fair bit of networking before so understand the benefits of networking and that it’s an opportunity to build relationships for mutual benefit rather than instant sales.

Helen Llewellyn – Space 18

“an excellent opportunity not to be missed”

The Boardroom Network is probably the best organised networking event it has been my privilege to attend. My wife and myself have been attending networking events for over 10 years and have even run large events ourselves, but even we couldn’t claim to touch the TBN for slick organisation. The events have a very able MC who controls proceedings like a well-oiled machine.
TBN members are very friendly and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The common factor from all I have met is their professional approach to their own business and their enthusiasm and willingness to assist other members where they can.

The organisation behind the scenes by Jacqui Frampton ensures that every attendee gets the most out of each event.

This is an excellent networking opportunity which should not be missed if you are a professional looking to expand your business network.

Mike & Kim Withey – Woodland Funeral Plans

“a refreshing approach”

There are many networking groups, but The Boardroom Network has a different refreshing approach and a broad mix of members. The format creates a different kind of energy and allows for longer conversations around your table, alongside the broader networking opportunities over coffee. There’s a good social atmosphere but a clear focus on business and I was fortunate enough to make some good connections in under 6 months – in less than a year I’ve gained a client or two!

Louisa Newport – Smart PA

In the past I always found networking events in August to be like visiting a Wild West Ghost Town (tumbleweed optional) but the TBN event was anything but. Lively conversations around the table, a cracking breakfast and thought-provoking speakers.

Neil Humphrey – School Direct ITT

“I asked for a membership application immediately”

The Boardroom Network is the newest and most refreshing business introduction format I have witnessed within the last five years and as a regular and experienced networker I see real value in this type of event.

Extremely well organised without being too regimented it facilitates introductions to a huge variety of businesses all looking to connect and offer support. I was so impressed with the genuine down to earth culture that is being cultivated I asked for a membership application immediately.

Ian Skinner MD – Diverse Cleaning Company South

“you have nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain”

This is a Testimonial to Jacqui Frampton and all the team and Members at The Boardroom Network. Expert HR Solutions has been a member at TBN almost since its inception and have always found the meetings well structured, great fun, informative and productive.
We renew each year partly because Jacqui and the team make it such a pleasure to start the business day a couple of hours earlier than we would otherwise, but mostly because we know we are going to get great business from the people we meet and more importantly from the people they know.

I thought we would struggle to beat the business transacted in 2017, but here we are at the beginning of September in 2018 and we have smashed it. I can only say to businesses that if you believe you can grow your business by meeting fellow business owners, taking the time to get to know and trust them and make some great friends along the way then try TBN. If the rest of the year carries on as it has started, we will achieve a 30:1 return on the investment.

But TBN is much more than just a way of generating business, I have already mentioned the friendships, but so many people have given freely of their time to help us grow our business and provide very helpful advice on their area of expertise. You are far too numerous to mention, but I am sure you know who you are. The regular talks by members are a mixture of advice, education on all sorts of topics and just very funny business stories, Bonny Bob and Doughnuts will live long in the memory. If you want to find out more or just have fun in the morning, then come along you have absolutely nothing to lose and an awful lot to gain.

Chris Wilkinson – Expert HR